Resonance X Caricias: Ecstatic Perreo

Sat. May 27th 2023 8:00 - 2:00 doors at 7:00 (No Minors)
$20 all in, $25 all in at the door.
Join us for a high energy, 2 room DJ showcase featuring artists from local DJ collective Resonance, as well as Vancouver based DJ Laposmobaby.

The event is called Ecstatic Perreo, and focuses on Perreo music and all its roots and derivatives and a conduit for ecstatic experience. Laposmobaby is the host and curator of Bside Radio’s Caricias. Carcias is DJ sets dedicated to the queer/trans/Hispanic community in Vancouver. The ones who long to dance, in a language they can grasp, to rhythms that make them feel sensual in their own skin.